The history of Northeast Georgia is one of rich heritage…

Experience farms, churches, and business from the 1700 & 1800s...

Right here in the Northeast Georgia mountains reside the picturesque sites of Georgia history.  Steeped in culture from the Cherokee nation, to DeSoto's travels in the 1500s, to the gris mills and farm houses of the 1800s, to some of the oldest churches in continuos operation the the State.  Enjoy your travel to see these historic sites with the knowledge that comfortable riverfront lodging awaits you at the end of your day.

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Hardman House & Farm

This house, built c. 1870 by Captain James H. Nichols, is a landmark at the western end of Nacoochee Valley. It was modeled architecturally in an Italianate style after his aunt's house in Milledgeville and he called it West End. Captain Nichols who with his family moved to this area from Milledgeville built not only the house but accompanying structures--a greenhouse, springhouse, kitchen, smokehouse, barn, carriage house and game house.....MORE DETAILS

Nacoochee Indian Mound

The Nacoochee Indian mound is the scenic signature of the Nacoochee Valley region. Once the center of the ancient Cherokee Town of Gauxule, it was once visited by DeSoto in 1540. The Ceremonial mounds date back to the pre-historic culture of the Mississippian Culture known as "Mound Builders". The gazebo that sits on top of the Indian Mound was built in 1800's by John H. Nichols, a wealthy White County resident....MORE DETAILS


Stovall Mill Bridge

Spanning Chickamauga Creek not far from the Stovall House. Fred Dover constructed a bridge and nearby grist, saw and shingle mill complex here in the late 1800s. The original bridge washed away in the early 1890s and Will Pardue replaced it in 1895 with the present 38-foot structure. Dover sold the operation to Fred Stovall, Sr. in 1917. Constructed as a modification of the queen post truss design, the bridge's trusses have two vertical posts (with iron rods) separated by a horizontal crosspiece. The bridge was featured in the 1951 movie, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain", starring Susan Heyward......MORE DETAILS


Nora Mill Granary

Authentic working mill powered by the Chattahoochee River. This historic grain mill and shop, sited along the swift Chattanooga River, first opened in 1876. More than 125 years later, the original water mill is still in operation. Visitors can tour the facilities, see the water-powered process, and purchase corn mill, grits, and biscuit-and-gravy mix. The on-site gift shop also offers food samples and scores of gift items for purchase....MORE DETAILS

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Crescent Hill Baptist Church 1871

This church was built for the Presbyterians by Captain Nichols and it housed a congregation until 1898, shortly after Nochols died. Presbyterian worship then carried on in the chapel of the Nacoochee Insitute. The property was purchased by Dr. Hardman in 1902 and a Baptist Church was organized there....MORE DETAILS


Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church

Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church was established in 1838 as Grace Protestant Episcopal Church. It was the sixth Episcopal parish to be established in Georgia. The church building, virtually unchanged today, is the second oldest Episcopal Church building in Georgia; and is believed to be the oldest church building of any denomination still in use in north Georgia...MORE DETAILS

Historic White County Courthouse

The historic White County Courthouse is on the Cleveland square and is home to White County Historical Society. The Courthouse was completed by a local contractor using local labor and handmade bricks in 1859. It was used by the White County government until 1962 when a new, modern courthouse was completed just south of the square. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places....MORE DETAIL

The Charm House

This Greek Revival house was built in 1907 by W.R. Asbury and named "Oak Heights." Mr. Asbury was a leading merchant and owned a store on the Square. He also founded Habersham Bank with his two brothers. The Asbury's owned the first automobile in Clarkesville. In the mid-20th century it was used as a hospital, and many current day Clarkesville residents were born in the Charm House. In recent years, the Charm House has served as a Bed and Breakfast and restaurant....MORE DETAIL